For your convenience Carina Leagues has Keno Terminals located at our Gaming Cashier as well as in Sidelines Sports Bar. With nine TV screens dedicated to Keno throughout the Club, you won’t miss a single game!

KENO is a fun, easy to play numbers game where you can have the chance to win over $1 million for just $1 when you pick 10/10 numbers! You simply need to match the numbers on the TV screen with the numbers on your ticket. KENO games are played every three minutes and with every game you could win up to $2 million dollars! That’s 480 games per day with a multitude of ways to bet.


We’ve introduced a new way to play KENO called, “KENO Racing”. This innovative game uses the final results of each KENO game to generate a simulated horse race.

The 80 numbers on the KENO grid are allocated to different runners for a total of 12 Runners. For example:

Runner 1 has numbers 1 -7
Runner 2 has numbers 8 -14
Runner 3 has numbers 15 – 21 and so on.
The Runner with the most numbers drawn from their allocated pool will win that race, with the next highest finishing 2nd etc.

In the event that two Runners finish with the same amount of numbers, the Runner with the lower value will be placed highest (e.g. Runner 3 and Runner 7 are tied after the numbers drawn, so Runner 3 finishes ahead). Races are held every three minutes (as per regular KENO) with bet types very similar to what you would see in the TAB – Win, Place, Each Way, Quinella and Trifectas. The punter also has the option of a Mystery Pick .

The minimum bet for a KENO racing ticket is $3.00, but this can be for multiple games. There are fixed dividends for each Runner that do not change, with Runner 1 the favourite and Runner 12 the roughie in every race.

Come along and check it out for yourself! For more information, grab a Playing Guide or ask one of our friendly staff.

At Carina Leagues Club we encourage responsible gambling

We take great pride in providing a safe and welcoming environment to our members. This includes creating a space for responsible gambling. View our responsible gambling mission statement here for more information. Please note, the information located on this page is not intended for persons under the age of 18 years or patrons excluded from gaming.