Event Details

  • The promotion will begin at 1.00pm and conclude at 2.30pm on each Friday of the promotion period.
  • One member will be drawn from the virtual barrel every 15 minutes during the promotion times to win the allocated cash prize. A total of six (6) members will be drawn each day that the promotion is run.
  • All six members will have a chance to play ‘Chase the Ace’ to win a cash prize ranging from $25-$190 each
  • The host (Ace Card) of the promotion and the member (Queen of Hearts) will play the ‘Chase the Ace’ board game. Each player will take three (3) alternative turns in rolling the dice and will progress along the game board according to the value rolled.
  • All winners have a chance to play ‘Cash Climber’ at the conclusion of the daily promo for a chance to win the jackpot.